Whenever I speak to university and high-school audiences the subject of hemp is high on the list. It seems that many young people have been convinced that we should stop cutting trees and use hemp instead. All in the name of saving forests and preserving biodiversity. Hogwash! While hemp makes Read more

Mining and the Environment

Ever since early humans first fashioned native copper into tools, utensils and jewelry, metals have been an essential part of human civilization… Miners like to say “if you don’t grow it in the soil or fish it from the sea, you have to dig it from the earth”. Minerals are Read more

Brazil of the North?

In the early 1990’s some environmentalists took to calling British Columbia the “Brazil of the North”. This was meant in a derogatory fashion to compare forest practices in BC with the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil. A group of us, sponsored by the Forest Alliance of BC, went to Read more

Clearcutting – Right or Wrong

Remarks before the House of Commons Committee on Natural Resources Ottawa, Canada, April 13, 1994 Patrick Moore, PhD Thank you for the opportunity to appear before you to speak on clearcutting in forestry, a subject that is both controversial and highly complex in nature. I am particularly appreciative of this Read more

Waste disposal – A Case study in Mining

The Environmental Impact of Submarine Tailings Disposal at the Island Copper Mine on Vancouver Island: A Case History in Environmental Policy Patrick Moore, Ph.D., Clem Pelletier, and Ian Horne, RPBio Abstract In 1971 the government of British Columbia issued a permit for the Island Copper Mine to commence disposal of Read more

David South’s Solution

The following paper will soon be published in the proceedings of “Planted Forests: Contributions to Sustainable Societies” College of Forestry, Oregon State University. Portland, Oregon June 28-July 1, 1995. How Can We Feign Sustainability With An Increasing Population? David B. South, dsouth@sofserv.forestry.auburn.edu School of Forestry and Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, Read more

FAO State of Forests 2005

Here’s a link to the full report: http://www.fao.org/docrep/009/a0773e/a0773e00.htm Here’s a summary: State of the World’s Forests – now in its sixth edition – presents a global picture of the forest sector, providing the latest information on activities and developments. Contributions from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), individuals in their personal capacity and Read more